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Center for Population Studies
University of Mississippi

Call for manuscripts – extended to May 25, 2018

Community Resilience: A Special Issue of Community Development

Guest Editors:

Anne M. Cafer, University of Mississippi

Gary A. Goreham, North Dakota State University

John J. Green, University of Mississippi


Community resilience is of growing importance to community development practice and policy. Informed by several disciplines and fields, and moving from the margins of community research, this important framework provides a mechanism for understanding communities’ capacity to absorb, mitigate, and transform shocks and stresses in a systematic and empirical way. Understanding how to both bolster and build these capacities, while accounting for local context, is essential to sustainable and equitable development processes. This special issue of Community Development (a peer-reviewed journal of the Community Development Society published with Taylor & Francis) will focus on community resilience theory, methods, practice, and policy. Submissions from well-developed projects are being solicited, and attention will be directed toward assembling a collection of articles that represent the range of interdisciplinary and international approaches to this work.


Submissions will go through initial review by the guest editorial team to determine appropriateness for the special issue. If warranted, manuscripts will then go through a double-blind peer review process. Manuscripts must follow American Psychological Association (APA) and Community Development style and formatting guidelines, and they can be no longer than 30 double-spaced pages (inclusive of tables, figures, endnotes, and references).


Submissions are due through the ScholarOne system ( by May 25, 2018Since this is an extended deadline, authors invited to revise and resubmit after peer-review will have thirty days to turn in their revised manuscripts. For more information, please contact Dr. Anne M. Cafer (