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Center for Population Studies
University of Mississippi


In August 1977, the Center for Population Studies was established at the University of Mississippi under the direction of Dr. Max W. Williams.

Directors of the Center for Population Studies

Dr. Max W. Williams (August 1977-June 2002)
Dr. David A. Swanson (August 2003-Sept. 2007)
Mr. Clifford Holley, Interim (Sept. 2007-June 2011)
Dr. John G. Green (July 2011-June 2020)
Ms. Lynn Woo, Interim (July 2020-present)

Past Research Associates (1979-1995)

Dr. Melissa Hall
Dr. Isaac Eberstein
Dr. John P. Marcum
Dr. Bobby L. Clark
Dr. Elise Lake
Dr. Gary Long
Dr. Barbara J. Logue

Past Research Affiliates (2003-2007)

Dr. Jerry McKibben
Dr. Samia El-Badry
Dr. M. V. George
Dr. Jan Mutchler
Dr. Rick Thomas
Dr. Jeff Tayman