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Center for Population Studies
University of Mississippi

Lead in Water Project

Assessing the Effectiveness of Community-Based Research Strategies to Analyze Risk of Lead Contamination in Public Water Supplies in the Mississippi Delta 

Led through a collaborative partnership between the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Division of Environmental Toxicology, the National Sea Grant Law Center, and the Center for Population Studies, this initiative is focused on connecting families, community organizations, and researchers to collect and analyze water samples in their social and environmental contexts. Families are able to have their water tested for lead while also contributing to the development of a dataset to help pinpoint areas of concern. Household lead concentrations will be connected with information derived from primary surveys and data from the US Census Bureau and the Mississippi Department of Heath’s Drinking Water Watch. Initial pilot funding was provided by the University of Mississippi Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and external funding is provided by the Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute.

The primary contacts for this initiative are Kristie Willett,; Stephanie Showalter Otts,; and John Green,